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Configuration Value Description
mysql.ip String MySQL ip address to connect to.
mysql.port String MySQL port.
mysql.user String MySQL username.
mysql.pass String MySQL password.
mysql.database String MySQL database.
mysql.tables.item-properties String MySQL Item Properties table (stores item properties such as, name, lore, enchantments, etc.).
mysql.tables.items String MySQL Items table (stores item id, amount, damage and owner).
mysql.tables.players String Players table that stores a player with a unique id.
mysql.tables.transactions String Transactions table that stores all transactions, claimed, unclaimed, temporary with useful statistics.
transfer-price Integer The amount of money to charge per transfer
xchest-size Integer The size of the virtual chest (in rows)
xchest-title String The virtual chest's title.
Replaceable values:
<player> - player
exit-if-clicked-outside Boolean Whether to close the inventory if a player clicked outside of the open inventory area.
server-id String This defines a unique id for the current instance of plugin.
temp-chest-erase-interval Integer The time (in minutes) a temporary transaction can be retrieved before lost.
menu-close.<event> N/A Events to execute when a player closes their virtual chest.
menu-close.messages List(String) Messages to send to a player when they close their virtual chest.
menu.close.sort Boolean Whether to sort a player's virtual chest when they close it.
blacklisted-items.<index> N/A A list of blacklisted items
blacklisted-items.<index>.id Integer Id of an item to blacklist
blacklisted-items.<index>.damage Integer Damage value of the id to blacklist
blacklisted-items.<index>.minimum-amount Integer Minimum amount of this item allowed to transfer (This kind of transforms it into a whitelist)
blacklisted-items.<index>.maximum-amount Integer Maximum amount of this item allowed to transfer (This kind of transforms it into a whitelist)