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RapidBows is a Bukkit plugin that introduces a new bow called RapidBow (configurable). The RapidBow lets you shoot a configurable number of shots over a configurable interval and supports cooldowns.


Tip: Before starting to mess around with a configuration file, please head over here and familiarise yourself.


Configuration Value Description
rapid-bow-item-name String The rapid bow's name.
rapid-bow-item-lore String The rapid bow's lore.
rapid-bow-shots Integer The amount of arrows to be shot during the rapid shooting.
rapid-bow-shot-interval Integer The interval (in ticks) between each rapid shot.
rapid-bow-cooldown Integer The duration (in seconds) that the rapid bow should be on cooldown for.
cooldown-message String The cooldown message to send to the player when they attempt to use their rapid bow while on cooldown. The %d is replaced with the seconds left.
give-bow-on-respawn Boolean Whether to give a player back their rapid bow after death, if this is false, the player is considered removed from the rapid bow feature and will have to enable it again.


Warning: I very strongly recommend you don't touch this file, it contains a list of players that are using rapid bows so that in the case of a restart, a player would not have to repeat their commands.


Tip: Confused with command syntax or want to make the most out of them? Head over here for help.
Command Permission Aliases Description
/rapidbows rapidbows.use rb This command lets a player activate their rapid bow, giving them a rapid bow in their inventory which is not movable.
/rapidbows reload rapidbows.reload rl This command reloads the rapidbows' configuration file. Keep in mind, any changes done to the item related options will render the bows prior to the change useless and unfunctional.
/rapidbows save rapidbows.save This command saves the current configuration in memory to the configuration file, you wouldn't really need to use this and is mainly for testing purposes.