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Chat Ping

The chat ping feature allows for players to notify each other in-game by playing sounds and adding text styles.

There are two ways to use the chat ping feature.

  • Typing the players full name
  • Using a chat filter

Chat Filters

The @ chat filter looks for all player names starting with x.
The * chat filter looks for all player names containing x.


  • Chat filters do not function unless they have a suffix of three or more characters.
  • Pinging a player by full name is case INSENSITIVE.
  • A player can NOT ping themselves.

SupaHam notifying SuperRandomGuy123


    <SupaHam> Hey SuperRandomGuy123!
    <SupaHam> Hey superrandomguy123!
    <SupaHam> Hey @sup! 
    <SupaHam> Hey *random!

Doesn't Work:

    <SupaHam> Hey SuperRandomGuy!
    <SupaHam> Hey @random!
    <SupaHam> Hey @ra!
    <SupaHam> Hey *12!