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MCBall is a unique paintball Minecraft server. MCBall was first launched back in May/June of 2012, and has been running 24/7 ever since, providing an unforgettable experience to over 115,000 (24th March 2015) players from all over the world.


Minecraft IP address:


Around May/June of 2012, MCBall was first launched with a gamemode called TDM. In this gamemode there were two teams: Blue and Red. Each player that joined the game would get split up into both teams, adding a balance to the game for all. In TDM, each player had a single life each match, and a stack of snowballs. When the player ran out of snowballs, the player automatically reloaded. Alternatively, left clicking would reload. Reloading took five seconds to complete, if a reload is initiated whilst the player has snowballs, the snowballs are removed.

When a game is not active (usually counting down towards the next game), all players are within the lobby. The Lobby had podiums of the top 3 players on the server, based on the highest K/D (read more later). In the lobby, there was also NPCs which each sold the player different items, hookshots, flashbangs, and many other perks, for points. Points were awarded by killing players.

Every kill, shot fired, death, win, and loss was recorded per player. Kills and deaths were arguably the most important feature of the game, used to generate a player's K/DR (Kill/Death Ratio).